Causes and solutions of nozzle missing on sublimation printer

November 26, 2021

During printing process of dye sublimation printer, nozzle missing occurs sometimes. Nozzle missing will affect normal printing effect of sublimation printer. There are three main reasons for nozzle missing: printhead blockage, air leakage and ink. So how should it be solved?

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1. Printhead blockage
Whether it is printhead or ink supply system, a certain amount of impurities will accumulate after long-term use. If it is not cleaned in time, it will block nozzle and cause nozzle missing. In addition, when cleaning nozzle, in addition to usual cleaning function of sublimation fabric printer, it is also immersed and cleaned with a cleaning liquid at a fixed cycle.


2. Air leakage
Ink supply system of dye sublimation printer consists of ink cartridges, ink tubes, and damper. If one of devices is not tightly sealed, it will cause entire ink supply system to leak air. After ink supply system enters air, there will be a problem of nozzle missing when sublimation fabric printer is printing. Therefore, when nozzle missing problem occurs in printer, check tightness of entire ink supply system, and then maintain or replace leaking device.


3. Ink
Ink is ejected from nozzle of printhead and printed on printing medium to form a colorful rendering. When ink fluency of dye sublimation printer is not good and there are many impurities, it will be particularly easy to block nozzles, causing nozzles to fail to eject ink, then occur nozzle missing. So when you buy inks, you must not be greedy to buy low-priced low-quality inks, and you must purchase original inks from manufacturers through formal channels.

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