Industrialization of digital printing machine: stable and high speed is the key

August 02, 2021

The digital printing machine has realized the transformation from textile plate making and printing to digital printing. From the auxiliary plate making and proofing in the early stage, it can only be produced in small batches. It has developed to large-scale and large-scale production. It can be said that it has developed rapidly and has carried out several generations of models.

Digital Printing Machine

The industrial application of digital printing machines as inkjet printing equipment can be said to have brought qualitative changes to the textile and garment industry. The traditional textile and apparel industry requires a lot of manpower and material resources to meet the changes in market demand because of the many product specifications and high quality control requirements. Therefore, it is particularly important that the equipment can produce stable and high-speed production. Then the road to the industrialization of digital printing machines: stable and high speed is the key.


Whether the digital printing machine can meet the production needs, please refer to the following indicators:


1: Speed: The production speed is related to the type and number of print heads. Increasing the number and width of the print heads can increase the printing speed. However, as the number of print heads increases, the platform structure of the machine, the arrangement of the print heads, and the accuracy of the horizontal movement of the printing cart are all proposed. High demands.


2: Color: digital printing printing is generally 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors, the increase in the number of ink colors can increase the color gamut, and the increase of light-colored inks can improve the gray gradient effect. General choices: cyan, magenta, yellow, black , Orange, royal blue, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, turquoise blue, light red, light blue.


3: Accuracy: The print accuracy of the print head is calculated by the number of ink drops per inch (dpi), 180dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi, multi-pass printing can improve the printing accuracy, but multi-pass requires high paper feeding accuracy, considering the deformation of the medium, reduce The number of passes, increasing the number of horizontal printhead and increasing the amount of ink is the current development direction.


4: Paper feeding and retracting structure: pressure roller structure, mesh belt structure, rubber roller structure, guide belt structure, and flat plate structure are currently several conveying methods for printing media. The paper mainly adopts the pressure roller structure and the rubber roller structure. , The paper and rubber rollers are more tightly wrapped, and the paper feeding is more precise. It can be used for large rolls of ten thousand meters. The retractable structure is currently developing in the direction of larger roll diameters.


5: Ink supply mode: positive pressure ink supply and negative pressure ink supply. Generally, micro piezoelectric printhead use positive pressure ink supply, and piezoelectric printhead use negative pressure ink supply to ensure stable ink pressure, improve ink fluency, and stabilize production .


6: Cost: Comprehensive factors


(1)Ink: As the speed increases, the number of passes decreases, and the ink concentration becomes higher and higher. The ink should consider environmental protection and safety (azo, heavy metals, etc.), performance (dry and wet rubbing fastness, perspiration fastness, light fastness level) , Quick-drying, oily smoke content, standby, smooth performance and multiple indicators.


(2)Paper: flatness, transfer rate, grammage (low grammage paper can increase the transfer speed when printing conditions are met).


(3)Electricity cost: printing and drying efficiency, transfer machine size can affect unit electricity consumption.


(4)Labor: increase the output per unit time, and the improvement of production efficiency can reduce labor costs.


(5)Loss: Stable high-speed continuous production, improve product qualification rate.

Digital Printing Machine

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Digital Printing Machine