The status quo and development trend of digital printing printer

August 03, 2021

In recent years, the development and growth trend of the national printing market has slowed down. As the country attaches importance to environmental protection, the country's environmental protection requirements for various industries are also increasing, and the printing and dyeing industry bears the brunt. In order to save labor costs and keep up with changes in market demand, more and more digital printer companies have begun to transform their production methods to the digital printing industry.

Digital Printing Printer

Digital printing uses inkjet technology and computer control. The pattern is first input into the computer for editing and processing in digital form, and then the computer controls the micro piezoelectric inkjet nozzle to spray the special dye directly onto the spinning media to form the desired pattern.


What is introduced here is a digital textile printing machine. Digital printing uses water-based dye inks, which are divided into reactive dye inks, acid dye inks, disperse dye inks and paint inks. Digital printing uses different types of inks depending on the type of fabric, and the corresponding printing process is also different. According to different industries, digital printing can also be divided into piece printing and piece printing.


For consumers, digital printing is healthier and safer, with richer colors and more realistic patterns.


For the industry, digital printing is more economical and environmentally friendly, reducing pollution and green production. The production line has small investment, quick return, and high flexibility. According to the scale of the company, you can choose the matching printing and dyeing equipment, which is especially suitable for small batches of personalized production.

"There is no need for production processes such as plate making, pulping, waste pulp treatment, etc., to reduce the amount of waste water, improve the working environment, and reduce labor intensity. Digital printing can be directly output and printed only by selecting the pattern in the computer, and the plate is quickly launched. "With a cup of tea, customers can take the product away, which is very efficient. For e-commerce companies, orders can be placed in the morning and shipped in the afternoon. Digital printing provides speed support and has a lot to do in highlighting the characteristics of the three major industries of technology, fashion, and green.

Digital Printing Printer

Digital printing is a combination of technology and art. Under the premise of continuous improvement and improvement of technology, it has brought a brand new concept to the fabric printing industry. Its advanced production principles and methods have brought unprecedented levels to the fabric printing industry. Development opportunities. With the vigorous development of the entire digital printing industry, the share of digital printing machines will greatly increase, and the popularity of digital printing products will become higher and higher. Digital printing will become an inevitable trend in the development of the printing and dyeing industry in the future.


Under the general environmental trend of global environmental protection, the transformation of traditional printing to digital printing is inevitable, and digital printing machines have great room for improvement and development potential. With the development of society, people's consumption level and quality of life have improved, and individual requirements have become higher and higher. Digital printing machines are products suitable for the development of the times.


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 Digital Printing Printer