FD70 Dye Sublimation Printer


Model: FD70 Direct To Film Printer

Printhead: 2*EPSON I3200-A1
Printhead Resolution: 3200DPI
Printing Speed: 20sqm/h
Ink:Pigment Ink
Ink Color:CMYK+W
RIP Software: Maintop,Photoprint


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    Most popular DTF Shirt printer

    DTF Printing is also called Direct To Film Printer, and it works by printing transfers film that are heat pressed to a variety of garments and other substrates.

    Suitable for a variety of fabrics, printable without layers. Small footprint and high printing efficiency. Simple operation, almost no after-sales problems

    DTF Shirt Printer

      Impresora de sublimación, Fedar impresora, impresora de gran formato, cabezal de EPS3200/EPSON 4720, maquina de textil directa, tinta de sublimación

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    Wide Application

    After our test, DTF printer can be used in many fields, not only T-shirts, but also canvas bags, shoes, leather, masks, umbrellas, wallets, etc.

    Not limited by the color of the fabric, both dark and light color fabrics can be applied, especially dark-colored fabrics, which are very popular among users.

    70CM DTF Printer

    70CM DTF Shirt Printer

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    Easy DTF Printing Operation

    DTF Printing

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    Why buy DTF printer

    Compared with DTG printing:

    1.Applicable for all types of fabric(DTF printing is only suitable for cotton)

    2.Better color fastness/Fixation.

    3.Consume less ink.

    4.Don't need to spray pre-coating.

    DTF Printer Low Cost

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    DTF Printer Details Display

    DTF Printer For Sale

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    DTF Printer Supplies

    DTF printer and supplies are provided together to start business quickly, including dtf ink,dtf powder & dtf pet film.

    Buy supplies together with DTF printer, freight can be saved.



    Film PET+PET release film+special pre-coating
    Size 100m*60cm/roll
    Warranty 12 months under dry environment
    Note Please store in a dry &damp-proof  environment
    Powder Different particles have different performance
    Package  25kg/bag
    Warranty 2 years under dry environment
    Note1 Please store in a dry &damp-proof  environment
    Note2 Can be packaged into different packages according to customer requirements
    Inks Pigment ink
    Package 1L/bottle
    Warranty 2 years


    Recommended Supplies Ratio:

    DTF Printer Supplies

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    DTF Free Samples

    We also use DTF printer to do DIY printing, If you want to personally experience the printing effect and quality of DTF shirt printer, please contact us, we will provide you with free samples, you only need to use the transfer machine to transfer onto the fabric.

    DTF Printing

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    Packing & Delivery

    DTF Printer

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    After-sales Service

    1.Technologists can speak fluent english and provide instant one-to-one online support service.

    2.Free technical training can be provided in the factory.

    3.We can issue you exclusive dealership after we confirm our cooperation and we will 100% loyal to our dealers.

    4.We can arrange technicians to visit you for supporting the booth and training freely if you display our machine in exhibition.

    5.If you use our ink,we will always provide you with free repair service.

    6.We will send you spare parts and inks in lower price.

    DTF Prints

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    Customer Reviews

    DTF Printer

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    Company Introduction

    Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,- (Fedar Printer:www.fedar.com.cn)is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, manufacture, sale and service of DTF Printer for T shirt, sublimation printer, digital textile printer ,inkjet heat transfer printing machine and related consumables.

    By cooperating with world famous printhead manufacturers and software suppliers, we integrate exquisite and practical technology into our products. Up to now, fedar printer has independently developed a series of mature products.

    Fedar DTF Printer

    Fedar DTF Printer Factory

Technical Parameters

Printer Model FD70 DTF Printer
Printhead Type:Epson I3200-A1
Printhead Cleaning:Auto-clean,Auto-flash Moisturize
Nozzle Height: 1.5mm-2.5mm
Printing Speed
Tested on linear print without feather
2pass  15-20㎡/h
6pass  12-15㎡/h
8pass  9-11㎡/h
Printing Width 700mm
Ink Type:Pigment Ink    Color:CMYK W
Ink Tank Capacity: 220ml
Ink Supply Method: Continuous Ink Supply
Print Media PET Film
Heating System Front and Back Independent Heater
Take-up System Optional
Transmission Interface Gigabit LAN
RIP Software Maintop, Photoprint
Image Format BMP, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PDF...
Computer System Windows XP/Win7
Power Supply 220V, 50/60 HZ, 10A                        
Work Environment TEMP.:10℃-38℃   Humidity:40%-70%
Machine Size/Weight 1690*480*235mm   150KG
Machine Model Shaking Powder Machine
Rated Power 4500W
Power Supply AC Single Phase, 220V, 50HZ
Package Size 126*124*126cm, Gross Weight:200KGS




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